There is a shift in my work  I feel it in my bones.

For my entire career I have had an ongoing  discussion  between imagery, textures and organizational space.  

Textures and  space usually win over imagery -- they have shaped the body of work that I  refer to as ZIGGURATS.   However, there has always been a nagging voice that calls me .  It is the voice of  poetry, more narrative and personal.  

 It occurs to me, as I glimpse into the future, that the time is right to allow this more narrative voice to surface.  I will not know what it will say until the work is made.  The photographic images, the drawing and the textures are a culmination of a life-long collection of memories  that have some significance to me -- they fit together in my eyes. 

The LEXICON work is  winding  its  tendrils around my imagination and my heart.  The first set I called "tablet" , then "ghosts" with the  human form that I long to explore..  now I am drawing eggs.. and eager to see what will come next.  

This is the work I have been waiting to make, now I just must have the patience and discipline to make it.  It is my LEXICON, my vocabulary.